Monday, 13 April 2009

Golden Wedding

It was my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary last year which needs to be congratulated as they argue like cat and dog. My dad never buys cards, even for an Anniversary so I thought I would make him something to give to my mum. He wouldn't be able to refuse as he would know how much time I had given to the project and mum would be happy. Again the picture is not good. There is a lot of dry embossing detail that just didn't come out on the photo. I made them a wedding cake box card. This was very easy, it mainly consisted of eating lots of those Italian chocolates, the name escapes me and then when the box was empty covering it in pretty paper. The papers were taken from the Reflections (Earthtones) Paper Collection, American Traditional Designs. I was sorry to use it but I knew it was going to a good home. The wedding cake tiers where made using the Ultimate Crafter, stuck together and then decorated with cream roses and ribbon. It sounds very quick but believe me it took me weeks. That's my problem, besides not wanting to cut up or use pretty papers, make a decision on the paper/card I am going to use, I can never make a card quickly. On the subject of cards made quickly, there are fantastic craft blogs that I view almost daily, "papercraftsbyrach.wordpress" and "bevscrafts.blogspot.com" . There are new cards on these blogs each day and their designs are amazing. Its from looking at these blogs that has inspired me to get involved in the blog world. If you get a moment take a look as you will not be disappointed.

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